Mercedes Benz EPC 108.015 Chassis Information

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Online index to Mercedes Benz Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) for finding part number information and diagrams for the 108.015 subtype of the W108 chassis. NOTE: The descriptions below are generic descriptions for each part group. You may need to check in a few places to lookup the exact part or assembly you are seeking. This is an english language index with links EPC information hosted on a Russian site.

1232 300SEB  EUROPE W108 108.015

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Chassis Part Groups
Engine Suspension: Engine mounts, brackets and hardware
Clutch: Clutch plate, lining, hardware
Gearshift Mechanism: Manual gearshift mechanism, shifter handle, shifter boot
Automatic Transmission: Floor shifter mechanism, shifter handle, oil filler pipe
Pedal Assembly: Brake and clutch pedals, brackets and hardware
Control: Accelerator pedal assembly
Frame, Trailer Coupling: Chassis Frame, brackets & mountings, Trailer Hitch & Harness
Springs, Suspension & Hydraulic System: Shocks, springs, anti-roll bars, oil lines, brackets and mountings
Front Axle: Axle, axle shafts, steering knuckles, hubs, bearings, control arms, headlamp adjusters
Rear Axle: Axle, axle shafts, subframe, bearings, hubs, control arms, headlamp adjusters
Wheels: Wheels, lug bolts, trim, balance weights.
Propeller Shaft: Driveshaft, flexible joint
Brakes: Pads, discs, calipers, booster, master cylinder, ABS control unit, lines, parking brake pedal and cables
Steering: Rack, tie rods, lines, power steering pump, columns, wheel, airbag, angle sensor
Fuel System: Tank, pumps, sending units, filter, charcoal filter, and shut off valve
Exhaust System: Exhaust pipes, manifolds, catalytic converters, mufflers, heat shields and mounting hardware
Radiator: Radiator, fan, reservoir tank, hoses, transmission cooler lines, intercooler
Chassis Sheet Metal / Air Intake: Engine encapsulation shield, air intake hoses and engine covers, Engine air filter in some cases
Electrical Equipment & Accessories, Chassis: Wiring harnesses, control units, battery, alternator, instrument cluster, steering column switches (combi-switch, cruise control, ignition switch), light switch, sensors, loom ties and cable mounting parts
Tools & Accessories: Tools, Tool accessories, and labels
Substructure: Floor sheet metal, wheelhouse, spare wheel well
Front End, Front Wall: Frame, radiator support, firewall, support under instrument cluster
Side Panels: Sheet metal and insulation for A, B, and C pillars, rear panels and gas flap
Rear End: Sheet metal for hatshelf and rear inside trunk
Roof: Roof sheet metal
Windows: Front and rear windshields, seals, installation kits
Panelling: Dashboard, center console, floor lining, door sill moldings, hatshelf, insulation, roller blind, airbag
Panelling & Lining: Sun visors, rear view mirror, head curtain airbags, interior trim, headliner, interior trunk trim, outside door and rocker moldings
Front Doors: Door, paneling and trim, glass, side mirrors, lock and keys, window regulator, handle and latch
Rear Doors: Door, paneling and trim, glass, window regulator, handle and latch
Rear Lid:
Sliding Roof: Sliding roof assembly, frame, glass, motor
Appointments: Sun visors, rearview mirrors, ashtrays, grip rails
Electrical System, Body: Switches, windshield wipers, exterior body lights, SRS, audio, tele-aid, antennas
Heating and ventilation: Heater case, blower, evaporator, A/C control unit, ducts, compressor, condenser, hoses
Trunks and Cases: Roof rack, trunk strap, battery in luggage compartment
Washer System: Reservoir, sensor, lines, nozzles
Attachment Parts: Bumpers, fenders, hood, grille, sensors
Accessories: Jack, wheel chock, lockset, burglary alarm
Front Seats: Covers, cushions, headrest, motors, seat adjusters, heaters, seat belts
Rear Seats: Covers, cushions, headrest, motors, seat adjusters, heaters, seat belts
Seat Accessories: Seat belts, front seat folding armrest, seat heaters