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A 1402700161 AT Conductor Plate 722.6

A 1402700361 Electrics Kit Conductor Plate

A 1402700561 Transmission Electrics Conductor Plate

A 1402700761 Transmission Electrics Conductor Plate

A 1402700861 Transmission Electrics Conductor Plate

This is a frequently failing part as transmissions age. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to replace it yourself. If your vehicle is showing codes P0715 and P0720, the problem is very likely this conductor plate. Search help and advice using the … Continue reading

A 1402701161 Automatic Transmission Conductor Plate

Commonly failing part in 722.6 transmissions after 100K miles and often causes the transmission to go into “limp home” mode. It is not difficult to replace after dropping the transmission pan.  It rests above the valve body. (get instructions) Alternate part … Continue reading