» Part Types: Shocks Airmatic

Part List

A 1643200925 Rear Air Spring

A 1643200225 Airmatic Strut Rear ML W164

A 2213204913 Airmatic Strut Front Left/Right

This part number has been superseded by part number A 2213209313. Not used for vehicles with ABC (Active Body Control) option.

A 1243202413 Strut Rear Self Level/Airmatic W124 Wagon

Hydropneumatic Spring Leg for diesel and 4matic wagon models. Chassis 124.290: 1990, 1991 1993 300TE E300 Wagon 4MATIC Chassis 124.193: 1987 300TD and E300 Diesel Wagon

A 2193201213 Strut Airmatic Front Right CLS

A 1643206113 Strut Airmatic Front GL W164

A 2513203113 Strut Airmatic Front W251

A 2193201113 Strut Airmatic Front Left CLS

A 1643204313 Hydropneumatic Strut

A 2203205413 Strut Airmatic Front Right W215 W220

S430 S500 S600 S55 CL500 CL600 CL55