Mercedes Benz 2025007903 Fuel Cooler Radiator C200 C220 CDI

This is a “standard” (not North American) part number from Mercedes for chassis codes 202.133 and 202.134

Mercedes Part Number: 2025007903 / A2025007903 / 202-500-79-03
Chassis Application(s):

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Recommended Merchant $49.14 at Auto Parts Train

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RADIATOR - Genuine Mercedes-Benz 1722061... (more info)

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Hella Usa 376712661 376712661 Hella Usa Length 7.8740 Width 3.9370 Height 23.6220 Weight 1.8673 Behr Hella Service; Radiator; ... (more info)

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Radiator - Genuine Mercedes-Benz 2025007903 GUARANTEED FIT! Enter your VIN during checkout and Drive OEM Parts will check each part on your order to ensure proper fitment.... (more info)


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